Spring is in the Air…I think…

In Alabama, it is very unusual weather.  One moment its cold, you think it’s going to snow and the state shuts down because there is a possibility of snow. Then the next day, the sun is out and flowers are blooming. Go figure.  Growing up in the north, I remember having school closed because it was too cold, a minus 40 below with the wind chill factor.

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Well, like any nice day, it’s great to go outside and enjoy the weather.  Our pugs and rottweiler enjoyed it too. I hope you enjoy the pictures and brings you joy.

As you can see, Miesha loves the outdoors.  I asked her smell the flower and all I got was a head tilt.  But of course, she will find any piece of wood to chew on,

Chunk Norris or “Chunky” could not stop playing with Kora, our Rottweiler.  It was very hard to get a picture of him by himself during this beautiful February afternoon.

Ember did smell the flowers, the daffodils. She enjoy the nice break from the puppies.  The puppies did not come outside since they have not had their shots and trying to learn to walk.  On nice days like this, where we will be outside for some time, we do put on the dog collars for the invisible fence so the dogs do not go venturing too far away.

Meatball also enjoyed the weather and sunshine.  He’s always a happy or sleepy boy 🙂  He did however, got fed up playing with Kora and just wanted a break. So there was sometime, Meatball and I just sat.  I would pet him while he sunbathed or he would sneak a kiss.

And then there was Kora, the Rottweiler. Playful as she can with the Pugs.  She always tries to get them to chase her.  Or she will find a branch and just chew.  I think Miesha learned this from Kora…..

Anyways, it was a nice February afternoon in Alabama.  Weather is always unusual here.

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