Pug Puppy Bath Time

There comes a time where puppies do need a bath.  They could be messy or smelly.  Mom can only lick so much and if they have a smell, a lick will not take the smell away.   When starting the puppies on the new formula to transition to dog food, it can become very messy.  Additionally, the puppies claws are growing so much that their claws become little hooks and catch on everything.

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I wasn’t able to take pictures of all puppies because the bathing process has to be quick and they do not become cold in the process. After birth, puppies can be washed, but only use Baby Shampoo, human baby shampoo.  Also when clipping the puppy nails use human finger nail clippers.  Pug puppies are too young and too small for normal dog/puppy products.  Always read the bottle on the puppy products, most say after 8 or 12 weeks.   That’s why at only a few weeks old Baby Shampoo is used.

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Before starting to wash puppies or dogs, make sure you have everything available. I make sure to have the following available near the washing area (laundry room sink) when washing puppies:

  • Towels
  • Soap
  • Clippers
  • Hair Dryer

When washing, make sure the water is very warm, but not hot.  Wash and rinse was quick as possible.  Then blow dry on low setting.  It only take moments to dry a puppy.  Them move the puppy to a warm snuggle towel to share with siblings.

Once all are washed, they can snuggle together to keep warm.


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