Pug Puppies Big Transition

At 4 weeks, it has been a week of transitioning for the puppies.  Their eating habits, potty training, and living arrangements have transitioned.  It’s getting them ready for their new homes.

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For eating, the puppies receive formula and wet food two times a day.  Ember, mom, still stays with the puppies and nurses them day and night.  Giving the puppies the lapping food gives a mom a break as well as gets them use to eating out of a dish and transition to dog food.  We found puppy 2nd step esbilac is a great creamy transitional cereal for our puppies at 4 Weeks old that provides a diet to introduce nursing puppies to solid food.

For potty training, we have included puppy pads in their living area.  We use about 3 – 5 pads twice a day.  This reduces the amount of laundry since the puppies are now potting on the pads instead of bedding.

Lastly, their living arrangement have changed.  The puppies and mom are no longer in the baby pool, but in a 4 x 4 living square.  It took time to step this up and ensure they have extra padding between the cold title floor and vinyl sheet. To ensure no sliding of the vinyl, it took some ingenuity.

I took a large cardboard box, cut to to 5 x 5.  Then taped any holes or imperfections so it would lay flat.  Then on the other side used a hot glue gun to make “gripping spots.”  The gripping is just zig-zag pattern on all sides to create a non-skid surface.  Next cut the vinyl to 5 x 5.  Then placed interlocking form squares in between the cardboard and vinyl to create extra padding.  Once everything was placed correctly, the vinyl was attached to the cardboard with gorilla glue double stick squares on all sides.

You ask why so much work, well the last litter we learned the vinyl does not say and slides all over the place. So attaching as well has having extra padding will keep the puppies warm.

But I think they will remain warm since they have a new dog bed with a senor heating pad and they love to snug.

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