Introduce our new puppies

We have four loving puppies which three are available. Our puppies are played with day one with people and other dogs. Our puppies are vet checked, meaning they come with health guarantee as long new families follow our instructions on puppy wellness visits. Our puppies come with first set of shots, but will need additional shots and visits with new family’s vet.

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Here is Little Sweets. She is the smallest of the litter and has a lot of size traits of mom. She is very sweet and loving and just love to cuddle.

Here is Big Girl and Meat Sause (Meatball Jr). Both loving and very playful. Big Girl is much more playful than Meat Sause. Both have white mark on their chest. The spot in Meat Sause is very large, much like his dad. That’s why he has the nick name Jr. Also Meat Sauce has a chill attitude like his dad.

And then we have Payne, our male fawn. He has a loving home and we send updates to his family very moment we can. ♥️

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