New Additions to the Family

After Ember’s second litter born on January 19, 2019, we have added three more to our family; Ashe, Roxy, and Aella. Ashe Silver Bullet was born on February 5, 2019, and from Ohio. He is our first pug to travel by plane. He is a very rare pug, silver, with a lot of colors in his bloodline (Chocolate, pink, white, fawn, and black). An interesting fact about Ashe is that his father is from Germany, but this does not affect Ashe’s registration. Ashe is AKC and CKC registered.

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Roxy Dawn and Aella Meadow are sisters and born on May 13, 2019. Both from Tennessee, 10 hour round trip drive through the mountains and country roads to pick up these little sweethearts. Both full of character and love. They have both black and fawn colors in their bloodline, and CKC registered.

GirlsOverall, the family has accepted all the new babies, especially Kora.  As you can see, all enjoy playing.

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