2020, The Year of Change

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From right to left Ayla, Koda, Miesha, and Roxie

2020 was not only the year of COVID-19 but several changes for our Kennel. We lost Kora, rehomed the sisters (Alya and Roxie), and new arrivals. It indeed has been a year of ups and downs, and it has taken me some time to catch up with updates. You see, it was hard to lose Kora. She was my healing dog and friend. We rescued each other. I had just lost Tasha, and her family gave her up.

Kora, saying good bye

Lossing Kora was very hard. Just a week before the COVID-19 stay-at-home order, we lost Kora, our Rottiwiler, right on her 5th birthday, to an unknown element. Within a short time, Kora attained a lot of fluid and was building in her lungs. The vet was uncertain what happened and if they could treat her. Additionally, she never likes any vet visit and has to be sedated at every visit. It was a hard choice, but I knew I did not want her in any more pain (physically and emotionally). Kora was not our only loss. We decided to rehome Alya and Roxie.
Alya had a litter with Meatball, which become a complicated delivery, and she became a risk for future litters. After losing Kora, I did not want to lose these girls to delivering puppies, so we rehomed them to two beautiful families. The sisters are extraordinary pets and in loving homes. As a professional breeder, you know not all dogs can or should be bred. You learn and make sound decisions for the betterment of the dogs. Because we rehomed the sisters, we had to find new qualified and healthy females.
In the summer, I made three trips (12-hour drive one way) to Michigan to visit my family. My father had a heart attack and nearly died. He was in and out of hospitals between July through October due to his heart. He is now home and doing better each day. My last visit was helping my mom and her two rescue dogs. My dad could only have one visitor at Henry Ford Main in Detriot, so my mom would leave early in the morning to make a 90-minute drive and stay with him until visiting hours were over. So this trip was to help my mom and provide support. When she would arrive home, dinner was ready, and dogs and house cared for.

Mogi loves playing in the leaves

Additionally, during this visit, I reached an AKC professional breeder with a Champion bloodline. During all difficulties, there was a blessing. This blessing was little Mogi (Mogi the Mogwai), our new petite fawn female. Another blessing was my dad was released from Henry Ford Main in Detriot. I thought during this visit, since Henry Ford Main in Detriot only allowed one visitor, I would not see him, but he came home just days before leaving. During all of this, all I can say is God is good.

God blesses many in so many ways, and it’s not always going to be the way you or I image. God has a plan, and we need to have faith. When we purchased Koda, we placed a deposit on another female with the same breeder. Today, we are still waiting for our new girl. The breeder lost three family members in 2020, so it is understandable for our new girl’s delay. We trust this breeder because we have bought Ashe and Koda from her. During our wait, Koda had a small litter. She had two puppies (a boy named Casper and looks like mom and girl, Lyla with Merle coloring). We originally wanted a Merle from Koda’s breeder, but it did not work out. We received Koda and Koda had the Merle we wanted.

2020 has been the year of change. Change on our Kennel dynamics not only gains and loss of our dogs but also the focus. We are now working to become a Prefered Breeder with both American Kennel Club (AKC) and Continental Kennel Club (CKC) and DNA health testing on all our breeding pugs. 2020 may have started as a year of loss with Kora, but we will not allow this to become our future. We sincerely want to provide good, quality pugs for our customers and enjoy our pug fur-babies as well.

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