Top Ten Things I like about Pugs:

10. They come in a variety of colors. Contential Kennel Club (CKC) only documents two colors, black and fawn. But American Kennel Club has docuemented several colors: black, fawn, brendle, silver, silver fawn, apricot, white, chocolate, and several other rare colors/types.

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Big Girl and Payne

9. Their squished faces and snorts are just so cute. The wrinkles are just perfect.

Payne’s first nail clipping and bath

8. Their curly tails are just so unique. The perfect curl is a double curled tail. I didn’t realize pugs have the ability to make their tail straight.

Miesha’s double curly tail

7. Their eyes are just so big, dark and gergoius. Couple that with their “pouty” look with their lip is just so precious.

Look at Meisha’s big eye and pouty lip

6. Their clowny and fun attitude. They are just the perfect pet.

Ember and Meatball as puppies in their sweaters

5. They are just the right size. Most pugs are between 10 to 20 pounds. Some can get to a healthy weight of 30 pounds like Meatball, our male. I have heard from a breeder in Ohio she once has a pug that was just 5 pounds full grown.

Meatball at 2 years

5. They are playful with everyone, people and other pets. Our pugs try very hard to become friends with our cats, but our cats are not having it. In order for most cats to be playful with dogs, start with a kitten growing up with the dog or puppy.

Paisley and her kitty

4. They are caring. My pugs can sence feelings and will try to cheer up own pets and humans. They also try to make up if they did something wrong.

Ember at 1 year

3. They roequire less exercise than larger dogs like German Shepherds or Laberdors. Pugs only need 20 minutes of exercise a day.

Miesha and Kora

2. Their short legs. Being short myself, I appreciate the short strides when walking. I don’t feel “pulled” when walking my pugs.

1. The best thing I like about pugs is…. Like any good dog, they are loyal, loving, great companion, laid back, and can be stubborn at times. They don’t chew as much as other dog breeds like our Rottweiler chewed a hole in our bedroom wall. Pugs don’t chew like that and they appreciate a good toy to play with and chew on.

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